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Sticker Sets

There's a lot of sticker sets out there and hardly any info about the stickers within the sets, when the sets were released and the relations between each set. I hope this website sheds light on these sets.

Below you will find different brands of stickers ! Enjoy the discoveries ! You can also check out the complete sticker timeline.


Choose a sticker !

Search through the sticker pile and click/tap on a sticker !

Magikarp Amada ADV part 2 sticker Japanese
Ditto Topsun
Aipom Topsun
Vulpix DX 1998
Porygon-2 DX sticker
Ninetales DX 1998
Dragonair DX 1999 sticker
Poliwhirl WHF sticker
Dunsparce Sticker 2001
Sheller x Krabby 1998 Sticker
Blastoise Amada 1996
Mewtwo Holo WHF
Gilgar 2000 sticker
Wartortle Amada 1997
Charizard Amada 2000
Porygon Gold Super DX 2000
Steelix WHF 2000

Select a Brand

If you're looking for a specific Sticker brand.

More brands will be added in the future


One of the main vintage sticker set manufacturers.


One of the first sticker manufacturers. The stickers mostly came with Gum.

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