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There's a lot of big questions out there, regarding the sticker world. Here's a few articles that may answer some of your questions. If you have any other questions, maybe search in the FAQ or use the contact form to ask me a question directly.

A guy looking at a pokemon sticker

How to recognize sticker sets ?

Lost in your impressive sticker collection ? Here's a little tutorial that can help.

A reaction the pokemon article

Why do some of my stickers have a creased corner ?

Ever wondered why some of your sticker have a crease in the corner ?

The rarest pokemon stickers podium

Hardest sticker sets to collect tier list

Don't know which sticker sets to collect first ? This list might help you choose.

Pokemon Sticker meme amada 1996 first print run

Amada 1996 : the first print run

You're welcome, I just made your set even harder to collect.

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