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Some of my stickers have the same crease in a corner. Why ?


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In that case would the corner affect the grading of the sticker ?

I have never seen any graded translucent /transparent stickers yet. But I think its best to contact the grading company beforehand if you're planning to grade any.

A video opening of the stickers could be good proof if needed.

If you're a sticker veteran, you probably already know this. But for all the new fresh and beautiful sticker lovers out there, you might have already crossed paths with a "creased" corner like the one in the picture on the left.

Is it really a crease ?

Do not worry, your sticker isn't creased. It was made on purpose to help peel off the sticker.

On which specific stickers can I find this ?

You will find this in the top right corner on all transparent / translucent stickers from the Super DX 1998, DX Gold and Super DX 2000 sets and also in the World Hobby Fair Part 3 set.

Why did they make it that way ?

The corner was made that way, because the translucent / transparent sticker are not made out of paper like regular stickers. They're made out of plastic and without that corner it would be exceptionally difficult to peel the sticker off its backing.

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